Installation:  We have a full time on-staff crew who can provide professional installation of all our products. Let us simplify your project by furnishing and installing your door, frame, hardware, toilet accessories, toilet partitions and specialty products.

Specification Writing:  Architects: Let us help you with your hardware specifications. Our board certified Architectural Hardware Consultant and provide section 08710 complete. This service is free of charge and is designed to get the most competitive bids and best value.

Estimating:  Mail, fax or email your bid request. We will respond quickly to all requests, but current customers have priority.

Drawings and Schedules:  We have a quick turn around for shop drawings and our forums are complete and easy to understand. Please call or stop by to receive hard copy.

Jobsite Service:  We will deliver your project complete and our driver will inventory all hardware with your jobsite supervisor. We are always ready to visit the site to coordinate with other trades, survey existing conditions and field measure special installations.

Service Agreements:  End users can sign a Service Agreement to guarantee prompt and professional repair, replacement and maintenance service at a prepaid, discounted price. Using our experts for specialized door and hardware tasks will improve your efficiency. Service Agreement is available upon request.

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